Types of Microwave Oven

Types of Microwave Oven Available in Market

1) Microwave only or Solo Microwave Oven

For sheer simplicity, a microwave-only option will heat food, defrost, steam and reheat food. Use it for ready to eat meals, soup or vegetables as well as reheating already prepared food.

2) Microwave with Grill

These model have all the features of a standard microwave solo oven but with the added benefit of a grill. This is useful for grilling fish, meat, paneer, soya, vegetables etc or simply crisping and browning the outside of your food. A great 2-in1 option for if you need to save on space.

3) Convection Microwave Oven

Convection microwave type combines traditional microwave technology with extra heat element to let you roast, brown and grill your food. Aside from the heating element it comes equipped with a fan for hot air circulation. Fan facilitate equal distribution of heat allowing even cooking. These make this type of Microwave oven a real energy saver and a device that produces even cooking temperatures, thereby delicious food.